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Discover How to Faux Finish the Easy Way...Without Paint

Kitchen decorated with PaperIllusion Travertine Terra Cotta 5813182 Floors decorated with PaperIllusion Hearthstone Multi Counter Top decorated with PaperIllusion Hearthstone Creme and Bone 5807066 Dining Room decorated with PaperIllusion ScriptIllusion Cobalt Blue Walls using faux finish effect Script Tuscan Red; Lamp Shade & Book Shelf using Script Burnished Gold

Find Out How Ordinary People Are Creating Extraordinary Results in Their Home's Decor,
And Shocking Their Friends & Family With This
Quick & Easy Faux Finish Technique!

"...my friends are both shocked and impressed..."

I am not a creative type. I struggle just picking out curtains! But this looked so easy, I decided to give it a shot. You wouldn't believe the difference! In fact, my friends are both shocked and impressed at how beautiful my home is and how simple it was to do! Everyone who walks through my door gives HIGH compliments on how it transformed my home... Thank You!!

Lynn T
McMinnville, TN

Carrie Wigal


From: Carrie Wigal

Subject: Quick & Easy Faux Finish Alternative

Dear Friend,

Bathroom walls using faux finish Script Green Apple

Are you looking for a unique way to decorate your home...to do SOMEthing to make it look & feel better than it does right now? Something you can do by yourself that is quick, easy and affordable?

Perhaps you have some problem surface areas that you would consider decorating challenges such as:

  • Wall Paneling
  • Cracked Plaster
  • Outdated Wallcovering
  • Chipped Paint
  • Unfinished Sheet Rock
  • Stained Counter tops, etc.
You can easily dress these up and add tremendous value to your home without it costing you a fortune.

In fact you -- yes you can transform your home's decor with this super-easy faux finish technique and achieve professional results as seen in decorating and interior design magazines without ever opening a can of paint.

My name is Carrie Wigal and I am not a professional decorator. I don't do interior design for a living and I'm not a personal fan of painting or wallpapering.

But when I discovered this easy faux finish product several years ago, I knew I found the ultimate solution to my decorating challenges...and this can be the answer you've been looking for, too!

PaperIllusion™ by Village

Paper Illusion: The Easy Way to Faux Finish

The Easiest Wallpaper to Apply, Maintain, Repair & Remove

More Durable & Longer Lasting Than Paint

Stunning Results - Beautifully Painted Paper

Super-Fast Application - No need to measure or cut pieces

Convenient - Able to Stop & Go During Application

No Toxic Fumes - Safe to Handle

Perfect for Covering Paneling & Cracked Plaster

Adds Tremendous Value to the Home

Anyone Can Do It - No Experience Necessary

Affordable Option - When Considering Alternatives

The Easy Way to Faux Finish...Just 3 Simple Steps!

Tear Paper Illusions Faux Paint Finish Wallpaper into Pieces Dip Paper Illusions Faux Paint Finish Wallpaper into Water Apply Paper Illusions Faux Paint Finish Wallpaper to Clean, Flat Surface
2. DIP

PaperIllusion™ can be applied over any clean, flat, dry surface. Including walls & doors, ceilings & floors, furniture & fixtures, counter tops & cabinets and even sheet rock & paneling!

The paper is pre-pasted and printed with various faux paint finishes, such as faux marbleized stone and florentine marble. It is torn into pieces, dipped into water and applied to a surface in an overlapping manner.

Unlike regular wallpaper, this paper is made to stick to itself. No need to measure & cut strips, no plumb lines or matching pattern repeats, no additional paste or "booking" required...just tear, dip & apply.

There's a textured effect built into the application as a result of overlapping the torn pieces. This is truly the easiest faux finish application, let alone wallpaper application on the planet!

This easy-care product is also completely washable and a breeze to remove. Just moisten with warm water and repeat until the pieces peel off.

...But Wait A Minute -- If This Product is So Great
How Come I've Never Heard of This Before?

I asked myself this very question, and began to search online for more information. Basically all I could find were the simple 1-2-3 instructions pictured above: Tear, Dip & Apply. I had heard it was marketed on QVC at one time and Lowe's carried a few colors, but that was the extent of its popularity...as far as I knew.

That's when I decided to start my own website called Paper It Fun! dedicated to Discovering all that can be done with PaperIllusion™. I became committed to promoting this very unique (& under-marketed) product and sharing everything I had learned on the subject.

Two and a half years later, Paper It Fun! has grown to become the home of the largest photo gallery of PaperIllusion™ projects, and the only active Discussion Forum and informative Blog on the subject...and we are independent of the licensed distributor and manufacturer.

I totally love this product and what it can do...and I'm not alone.

"...my mind is spinning with ideas..."

I have just completed a bathroom in your product and it is awesome. I'm a faux paint novice and thought I'd give PaperIllusion a try and it is beautiful. It is much easier to achive than my faux stone paint for the same look. I'm ording your samples, because my mind is spinning with ideas for my next project. Thank you

Denia N
Seneca, SC

"...guests feel it to see if it is real stone..."

I enjoy using this product. To date I have done the paneling in the kitchen and guests feel it to see if it is real stone.. I now am doing my daughter's bathroom for her.... simply love the effects and ease of using Paper Illusions... thanks for the wonderful product...

Nancy N
Harveys Lake, PA

"...I am totally satisfied..."

I've used your product in my den and I am totally satisfied. Two things that I like: you can use the edges for the perimeter and NO SEAMS!!

Grace G
San Leandro, CA

"Stunning and easy to do..."

This paper is wonderful, I re-did my kitchen in the Roman Champagne, it is beautiful, I am now going to do my bedroom in this color also. Stunning and easy to do, what else could you ask for. Thank you for such a good product.

Joan N
Madison Heights, VA

"The BESTEST part is I can do all this myself..."

I'm having so much fun!!!!!! My original idea was to line my kitchen cabinets. It has snow balled to the sides of my cabinets. I don't like to paint. This is the answer!!!!!!! With my order today- I'm moving on to the laundry room. We're remodeling-GUESS WHAT-I'm doing every room in the house with the PAPER ILLUSION. The BESTEST part is I can do all this myself. No more listening to the other half when you "ask" for help. DON'T NEED ANY HELP. CAN DO MYSELF. Sincerely, Ruth

Ruth V
Easton, PA

"...friends think I had it professionally done!"

Have done my entire downstairs, friends think I had it professionally done!!! Great product.

Sandra Y
Richfield, OH

"...should come with a warning label...."

This ... should come with a warning label....HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. I love it. I am having so much fun! My husband just laughs...

Ok this is serious I am starting a 12 step program for this product. I have just ordered AGAIN.

Beth P

"...you'll never do faux painting again..."

I used your wallpaper before to do a small 1/2 bath. It came out absolutely great and received many compliments. People were amazed at how it was done. It is so easy that you'll never do faux painting again (which I have done). This looks better and is easier. Great product.

Sandra L
Douglaston, NY

"People can't believe I did it myself!"

I used your product 2 yrs. ago and I love it. People can't believe I did it myself!

Sharon P
Kerrville, TX

And it's not just for walls...

"I just resurfaced my kitchen counter..."

I just resurfaced my kitchen counter yesterday with PaperIllusion™ wallpaper...I am SO happy with how it turned out. Total cost was only $50 and it completely changed the look of my kitchen. I was very skeptical when I read about using wallpaper, but I (and my husband) love how it turned out. I highly suggest giving it a try. I am not a "crafty" person at all and this was a breeze.

...I was very hesitant to do this for fear of hating it and having to buy new countertops in the end. We love it though and have had rave reviews from everyone who has come over. People just can't believe it's wallpaper. At $50 total cost and about 5 hours of time I recommend it for anyone who hates their current counters. ~ Mandie

Walls, counter tops, floors, furniture, accessories and more... PaperIllusion™ can do it all! The problem is many people are hesitant to take the plunge because decorating with wallpaper like this is totally new to them. Despite the many claims on how easy the product is, they still wonder if it is too good to be true.

Well, I'm here to tell you, This product is that good and it truly can transform your home. Still need to hear from more folks on what the product has done for them? Click here to read some more testimonials.

Okay, you're convinced it sounds like a great solution but you don't know where to begin...

What You Need Is A Helping Hand
Along With Some Sound & Practical
Easy-to-Follow Advice...

And that is precisely what I'm offering you today.

The Complete DIY "Easy Faux Finish" Resource Guide

Everything you need to get started in applying this easy faux finish technique...including actual PaperIllusion™ product samples. Every step needed to carry out your project from inception to completion is simply laid out for you.

At last! A resource guide for teaching how to faux finish the easy way. Covering absolutely EVERYTHING that you'll need to know and do in order to quickly and easily complete your own faux finish project.

Before you know it, you will have a stunning transformation that will shock & impress all who see it.

Here's How This Incredible
Resource Guide Came About

Let me give you some background...

When I found so little information available online regarding how to use this product, I got proactive and started my own website.

I put myself out there willing to answer any and all questions that came up. If I didn't know the answer, I sought it out. As the questions poured in, I made note of them along the way and compiled a list of frequently asked questions with whatever answers I could find. Then I got the idea to put together a "how to" manual...a document that leads the consumer through every step of the process of using this product.

Since PaperIllusion™ wasn't available for view in traditional wallpaper books, my husband and I provided individual samples as well as sample packs to the general market. Based on customer feedback we learned a nicer "display" version of a sample pack/book would be beneficial, so we started producing and distributing spiral-bound sample books.

Many folks have submitted photos of their various PaperIllusion™ projects along with instructions on how they did them. In addition to my personal experiences, one project after another demonstrated all the wonderful things this product could cover. I put together project sheets outlining what else can be done with PaperIllusion™ besides walls.

A private forum was added to the free public forum at Paper It Fun! for serious PaperIllusion™ fans who wanted to discuss their projects in detail. They could gather and gain access to exclusive PaperIllusion™ offers not available anywhere else (such as partial rolls of the product for smaller projects).

Then I got to thinking, why not put together an all-inclusive package of resource materials giving people who have never heard of this product something they could really sink their teeth into...something that would answer every possible question they could have about using this product in their own home.

Time out! Want a Crash Course in
How to Faux Finish the Easy Way?

Learn more about PaperIllusion™. For a limited time only, I'm giving away this free 5-day mini-course on "How to Faux Finish the Easy Way".

Just enter your name and email below and click the "Tell me more" button.

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Don't worry, you won't be spammed and I will NEVER sell or rent your email address. You'll only receive this mini-course + relevant information concerning this easy faux finish product from me. You will be able to unsubscribe with one-click at ANY time.

You Can Save Yourself Oodles of Time & Energy
And Easily Begin Faux Finishing Without Paint!

The "Easy Faux Finish" Resource Guide is based on my own personal notes, observations and experience described above. But it's much more than that. I've quite literally researched, visited and evaluated dozens of home improvement/decorating resources as well.

So now -- for the first time -- you have the opportunity to fast-track the process of faux finishing the easy way, by getting everything right from the word go!

In fact I'll take you by the hand and lead you through the entire process of using this easy faux finish product.

Here's more specifically what you'll find inside...


Well, I got your guide because the instructions that came with the product were so brief. I was afraid I would do something dumb, and needed reassurance. This guide gave it, and more. I have put the Paper Illusions up around a bar that had yucky old paneling. It turned out great. My husband, who is totally blind, was able to help and did at least half of the work. It was fun to do this project together with him. It is the perfect and affordable solution to yucky old paneling.

Thanks for the great guide and confidence builder. Now we are going to try some cabinets.


You'll learn exactly what PaperIllusion™ is and how this unique product came about.

Discover how & why PaperIllusion™ is the perfect cover up solution for many damaged and problem surface areas.

We'll show you specifically how to prepare your wall surfaces...and why.

You'll have step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to apply this product to your walls along with helpful tips to make the process even smoother.

You'll also get detailed instructions on how to remove the product when the time comes to redecorate again. Don't worry, it's a piece of cake.

We'll show you how to repair & maintain your walls after the application is complete. Again, it's a breeze!

We've provided a simple checklist of all the tools/materials needed to complete your wall covering project from start to finish and where to find them either locally or online.

You'll know how to calculate how much product you need for any given project by using either a precise formula or referencing a quick lookup chart.

You'll receive 8.5" x 11" Actual Product Samples of PaperIllusion™.

  • See and feel every available color of this product (including over 30 color/pattern choices). We'll even send you updates as new colors are introduced.

  • Match your existing decor when you refer to these actual product samples in the lighting conditions of your own space. (i.e. colors look differently under natural light as opposed to flourescent or incadescent light.)

  • Complete Product List.

  • See color photos of this product in use to inspire and inform you how the paper appears installed.

  • Receive valuable coupons towards the purchase of PaperIllusion™ products.

  • Simple installation instructions on one sheet for a quick overview.

We'll provide you with a series of Turning Trash into Treasures PaperIllusion™ Project Sheets...it's not just for walls!

  • You'll have my help brainstorming ways to transform ordinary items found around your home into beautifully decorated showcase pieces.

  • You'll see full color pictures of what PaperIllusion™ can do for you.

  • You'll receive step-by-step instructions for two easy home improvement projects: Transforming Counter Tops and Faux Tumble Tile

  • You'll also receive checklists of materials/needed to complete each project from start to finish.

And more...

Now... With the Easy Faux Finish Resource Guide
You Can Quickly Create "Professional Results"
All By Yourself...From Start to Finish!

Your friends and family will be wowed by your new faux finish decor and they won't believe you did it all by yourself!

With Paper Illusions it is SO EASY to transform your existing walls into amazing designer-magazine material, cosmetically enhance problem surface areas, and turn trash into treasures...it truly is.

Okay - I'm Serious About this Easy Way to Faux Finish,
But What's The Cost For This Unique Resource?

First it's important to appreciate that there's no other resource guide out there today that will give you this exact, easy-to-follow, step-by-step information about faux finishing with PaperIllusion™. Period.

But then again...it is possible to round up all this information yourself without spending a penny...except for the actual product samples.

How much time and energy would you need to expend to compile all this information yourself?

How much money would you need to spend to get an actual product sample of each and every color?

I'll give you a hint...the time, energy, and money you'll spend and the stress of trying to figure it out all by yourself is much greater than what I'm offering this resource guide to you today. I guarantee it.

This information-packed, easy-to-use, well-written Resource Guide including Project Sheets, Full Color Photos, Reference Materials, and Actual Physical Product Samples can be yours today for as low as $49.95 Only $34.95 (Plus FREE USPS Shipping)

- but you must Act Now. This low introductory price is available for a Limited Time Only to those who act quickly.

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Budget Home Decorating Tips eBook Bonus - Immediate Download. Free Budget Home Decorating Tips eBook. This book lays out all sorts of do-it-yourself hints and low-cost tips to redecorate each and every room of your home on a budget. Don't waste your dollars on hiring an interior designer when you can do it yourself for mere pennies. Grab these tips to help enhance your faux finish decor with PaperIllusion™. Estimated $19.99 Value FREE


This bonus is valued at $20, and yet
it is FREE today when you purchase
the "Easy Faux Finish" Resource Guide

Stop wasting your time looking for more unique home decorating ideas. All the information you need is right here, nothing left out... nothing overlooked. You will know where to start, and have all the encouragement you need to finish. You will never be overwhelmed because each step is explained in detail.

All this in one place. You'll receive over 35 pages in this instructional guide and over 30 8.5" x 11" actual samples of the PaperIllusion product with valuable coupons towards your first product purchase.

When you take advantage of this offer today, you can expect to receive the 35+ page Easy Faux Finish Resource Guide information instantly as a downloadable file once payment is verified. Then in just a few days another 35+ pages (a spiral-bound book of actual product samples of every available color and valuable coupons) will be delivered to your door via USPS First Class Mail.

You won't find any clearer, more detailed instruction on how to decorate with PaperIllusion™ anywhere...I promise. In fact...  

Your Easy Faux Finish Resource Guide is Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeGet this Resource Guide Now! You don't risk a cent...You're covered by our 100% money back guarantee. Try it out for 3 months. That's right... take your own personal test run. Take a full 90 days to try out all the valuable tips and techniques. See if this isn't the most informative and easiest to use resource material on decorating with PaperIllusion™ ever. Once you have used all these tips in your own home, I am confident you'll NEVER want to send it back.

If for any reason...or no reason at all, you aren't completely thrilled with using this material, just return the product sample book and I'll refund your money. You have up to 90 days to use this "no questions asked" guarantee. Just let me know by email.

This is the most complete "hold your hand" publication about faux finishing with PaperIllusion™ available today. Having someone with my level of experiece to guide you through the whole process is priceless. So order now and Let's Have Fun Papering It!

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When your friends and family realize that you faux finished without paint as described in this resource guide all by yourself, they'll be shocked and impressed too! 

Don't wait any longer. Go Ahead! Order The "Easy Faux Finish" Resource Guide Now and get started right away.

Let's Have Fun Papering It!

Carrie Wigal
Carrie Wigal

P.S. Decorating with PaperIllusion™ is highly addictive and it will easily add value to your home. I am committed to helping you learn and achieve amazing results in your own home.

I've designed this program to answer all your questions and show you all that can be done with PaperIllusion™, including revitalizing problem surface areas and turning trash into treasures.

P.P.S. Remember, you can use this Easy Faux Finish Resource Guide for 90 days and still take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee if this guide does not live up to your satisfaction. And...

Keep in mind this Special Offer is for a Limited Time Only, so take advantage of this fabulous price while it lasts.

Get it Now and Have Fun Papering It!

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